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Replacements for HP, M/A-COM, and Alpha
Part Number or Prefix
1N diodes

ASI supplies many of the JEDEC 1N diodes. These 1N diodes include point contact, varactor, schottky, and pin diodes.
1N149 1N149M 1N149MR 1N149R 1N150 1N150M
1N150MR 1N150R 1N160 1N160M 1N160MR 1N160R
1N1611 1N1611A 1N1611AMP 1N1611AR 1N1611B 1N1611BR
1N1611R 1N1838 1N2102 1N21B 1N21BM 1N21BMR
1N21BR 1N21C 1N21CM 1N21CMR 1N21CR 1N21D
1N21DM 1N21DMR 1N21DR 1N21E 1N21EM 1N21EMR
1N21ER 1N21F 1N21FM 1N21FMR 1N21FR 1N21G
1N21GM 1N21GMR 1N21GR 1N21H 1N21HM 1N21HMR
1N21HR 1N21RF 1N21WE 1N21WEM 1N21WEMR 1N21WER
1N21WG 1N21WGM 1N21WGMR 1N21WGR 1N23A 1N23B
1N23BM 1N23BMR 1N23BR 1N23C 1N23CM 1N23CMR
1N23CR 1N23D 1N23DM 1N23DMR 1N23DR 1N23E
1N23EM 1N23EMR 1N23ER 1N23F 1N23FM 1N23FMR
1N23FR 1N23G 1N23GM 1N23GMR 1N23GMR GOLD 1N23GR
1N23H 1N23HM 1N23HMR 1N23HR 1N23RF 1N23WD
1N23WGM 1N23WGMR 1N23WGR 1N25 1N2510 1N2510M
1N2510MR 1N2510R 1N25A 1N25AM 1N25AMR 1N25AR
1N25B 1N25BM 1N25BMR 1N25BR 1N25M 1N25MR
1N25R 1N26 1N263 1N263 JAN 1N263M 1N26A
1N26AM 1N26AMR 1N26AR 1N26B 1N26BM 1N26BMR
1N26BR 1N26C 1N26CM 1N26CMR 1N26CR 1N26M
1N26MR 1N26R 1N2926 1N2926A 1N2927 1N31
1N3143 1N3143R 1N31A 1N31AM 1N31AR 1N31M
1N31R 1N32 1N3205 1N3205M 1N3205MR 1N3205R
1N32A 1N32AR 1N32R 1N3307B 1N3321A 1N3655
1N3655A 1N3655AM 1N3655B 1N3655BMR 1N3655BR 1N3655M
1N3655MR 1N3717 1N3745 1N3745M 1N3745MR 1N3746
1N3746M 1N3746MR 1N3747 1N3747M 1N3747MR 1N3747W
1N3747WM 1N3747WMR 1N3778 1N3883R 1N3991 1N3995RA
1N4001 1N4006F 1N415 1N415A 1N415B 1N415BM
1N415BMR 1N415BR 1N415C 1N415CM 1N415CMR 1N415CR
1N415D 1N415DM 1N415DMR 1N415DR 1N415E 1N415EM
1N415EMR 1N415ER 1N415F 1N415FM 1N415FMR 1N415FR
1N415G 1N415GM 1N415GMR 1N415GR 1N415H 1N415HM
1N415HMR 1N415HR 1N416B 1N416BM 1N416BMR 1N416BR
1N416C 1N416CM 1N416CMR 1N416CR 1N416D 1N416DM
1N416DMR 1N416E 1N416EM 1N416EMR 1N416ER 1N416F
1N416FM 1N416FMR 1N416FR 1N416G 1N416GM 1N416GMR
1N416GR 1N416H 1N416HM 1N416HMR 1N416HR 1N416R
1N4294 1N4294M 1N4294MR 1N4294R 1N4386 1N4387
1N4388 1N4459 1N4557 1N4568A 1N4603 1N4603M
1N4603MR 1N4603R 1N4605 1N4605M 1N4605MR 1N4605R
1N4800A 1N4803 1N4803A 1N4803B 1N4804B 1N4807
1N4808 1N4811A 1N4812 1N4814 1N4997 1N5139
1N5140 1N5140A 1N5141 1N5141A 1N5142 1N5142A
1N5143 1N5143A 1N5144 1N5144A 1N5147 1N5148
1N5148A 1N5149 1N5150 1N5150A 1N5151 1N5152
1N5152A 1N5153 1N5153A 1N5154 1N5155 1N5155A
1N5156 1N5157 1N5160 1N525 1N5283 1N5290
1N5298 1N53 1N5305 1N5310 1N53A 1N53B
1N53C 1N5420 1N5448B 1N5450A 1N5456A 1N5472A
1N5476A 1N5615 1N5619 1N5709B 1N5719 1N6079
1N76 1N76A 1N76AR 1N76R 1N78 1N78A
1N78AM 1N78AMR 1N78AR 1N78B 1N78BM 1N78BMR
1N78BR 1N78C 1N78CM 1N78CMR 1N78CR 1N78D
1N78DM 1N78DMR 1N78DR 1N78E 1N78EM 1N78EMR
1N78ER 1N78F 1N78FM 1N78FMR 1N78FR 1N78G
1N78GM 1N78GMR 1N78GR 1N78M 1N78MR 1N78R
1N79 1N798 1N82A 1N82AG 1N82G 1N830
1N830A 1N830AM 1N831 1N831A 1N831AM 1N831B
1N831BM 1N831C 1N831CM 1N831M 1N832 1N832A
1N832AM 1N832B 1N832BM 1N832C 1N832CM 1N832M
1N833 1N833A 1N833AM 1N833B 1N833BM 1N833M
1N4557B 1N4454 1N53668      
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