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Replacements for HP, M/A-COM, and Alpha
Part Number or Prefix
D Diodes

ASI supplies a replacement line of D diodes originally made by Alpha. Theses D diodes are primarily detector/mixer diodes.
D4082AMR D4128 D4128-99 D5047 D5047-18 D5047C
D5082 D5082DR D5501 D5501C D5503B D5503C
D5504C D5504CM D5506B D5506C D5507C D5819-92
D5829 D5843 D5847-68 D5847-68MP D5847A D5910BM
D6533 DC1504-8 DC1504E DC1544-4 DC1557 DC1590
DC1593 DC1593-1 DC4228-820 DC4229D DC4255B DC4298
DC4372B DDC2354-00 DGB8221 DGB8422-75 DH200-01 DH200-10
DH200-12 DH204-02 DH204-03 DH208-01 DH240-02 DH241
DH241-01 DH241-08 DH241-13 DH252-08 DH252-13 DH252-20
DH252-29 DH256-14 DH256-17 DH256-20 DH256-32 DH257-04
DH282-04 DH292-13 DH292-27 DH292-44 DH292-47 DH292-60
DH292-77 DH293-01 DH301C DH302D DH303-11 DH303-19
DH304C DH313-03 DH314-01 DH314-02 DH315 DH352C
DH353C DH363C DH364-05 DH365 DH401 DH403
DH435-01 DH435B DH452-01 DH462 DH485C DH490-01
DH532-16 DH543 DH603 DH623 DH624-00 DH633-01
DH634-02 DH634B DH636-02 DH636-06 DH636-0C DH726-01
DH726-02 DH730 DH735 DH738-03 DH738-06 DH739-02
DH741-04 DH742 DH742-09 DH745 DHV6730-25 DMA6334-93
DMC5504-18 DMC5504-19 DMC5504C DMC5504CM DMC6224 DMD6885
DMD6886 DME2333-230 DME3013-131-012 DME3055-99 DME3057 DME3058
DME6569 DMF2390 DMF2828-000 DMF2835-99 DMF3290-000 DMF5845A
DMF6460 DMHX6421 DMJ2824-000 DMJ2832-232 DMJ2852-000 DMJ6777
DP3000C-44 DS35-02A DSB3608-04 DSG6405 DSG6405-000 DSG6405-30
DVA6735A DVB4376 DVB-4376-99 DVB6100A DVB6101-18 DVD610149
DVD6101-49 DVE4575-06 DVE4575-A-320-001 DVE4576-B-350-350-00 DVG5564-51 DVG5764-50
DVH6730-23 DVH6733-20 DVH6734-14 DVH6740-19 DVH6760-23 DVH6761-63
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