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Replacements for HP, M/A-COM, and Alpha
Part Number or Prefix
MA Diodes

ASI supplies a replacement line for many of the MACOM/Microwave Associates diodes. These MA diodes cover a full range of point contact, schottky, SRD, and pin diodes.
MA40007 MA40007M MA40015H MA40032 MA40033 MA40051E
MA40053 MA40053-54 MA40071G MA40071HMR MA40075 MA40077
MA40104 MA40110 MA40111 MA40150-119 MA40160 MA40161
MA40192 MA40232 MA40234 MA40235 MA40246-119 MA40252
MA40267 MA40268-120 MA40290 MA40301 MA40404 MA4042
MA40448 MA40449 MA40449-228 MA4045B MA4046A MA40482-226
MA40490 MA40492 MA40495 MA40496 MA40507 MA40516
MA40526 MA40532 MA40570 MA40598 MA4060A MA4060AA
MA4060B MA4060D MA40667 MA408 MA40811 MA408A
MA408A1 MA40965 MA41201E MA41201EMR MA41201GMR MA41202
MA41202C MA41202E MA41202EMR MA41202FMR MA4127 MA41304
MA4133MR MA4135 MA41405 MA41420 MA41494 MA41498
MA41505 MA41513 MA41515 MA41567 MA41757 MA41770
MA42101 MA421B MA423AMR MA424 MA425 MA4284
MA4293 MA4298 MA43000 MA43000-103 MA43000-137 MA4304
MA4342 MA43523 MA43581 MA43592 MA43607 MA43647
MA43658 MA43740 MA43748 MA43758 MA43758A MA43786
MA43786-30 MA4378D MA43849 MA43869 MA44120 MA44300
MA44320 MA44329 MA44439 MA44549 MA44611A-91 MA44621A
MA44622C MA44622C-30 MA44622R MA448 MA45013 MA45103-30
MA45103A MA45104 MA4515R MA45167 MA45168 MA451DMR
MA45334 MA4545R MA45672 MA4571CI MA45762 MA457MR
MA45851 MA45996 MA46451-276 MA46457-277 MA46472-277 MA46476-277
MA46573E MA46582 MA46584 MA46884-276 MA46953 MA46H072
MA46H202-1056 MA46H203-1056 MA47013 MA47047 MA47051 MA47053
MA47054 MA47066 MA47079 MA47080-30 MA47084 MA47100
MA47110 MA47111 MA47111-54 MA47120 MA47121 MA47123
MA47123-1 MA47194 MA4720B MA4721 MA4722B MA47252
MA47266 MA47268 MA47323 MA47403 MA47405-276 MA4755
MA4760 MA47600 MA47652 MA47688 MA4781 MA47897
MA47897-131 MA4798A MA4798B MA4798C MA4798D MA4799B
MA4799E MA4799G MA4852 MA4853 MA4853M MA4855
MA4861 MA4882 MA4882-54 MA4882-M-54 MA4883 MA4901E
MA4901ER MA490A MA-490A MA490BMR MA490BR MA49191
MA492CMR MA492ER MA49511 MA4957E MA4963C MA4965C
MA4966E MA4968E MA49707 MA49710 MA4E188 MA-4E204H
MA4E204H-1000 MA4E232 MA4E352 MA4E393 MA4E400L-963 MA4E4704
MA4E928A MA4E932A-186 MA4L011-134 MA4L021-30 MA4L03231 MA4L518
MA4P026-139 MA4P102-30 MA4P110 MA4P202-30 MA4P203-276 MA4P329
MA4P3401 MA4P404 MA4P404-30 MA4P404-54 MA4P504-31 MA4P506-30
MA4P506-36 MA4PH101-983 MA4PL031-134 MA4PP404-54 MA4ST520B MA4ST523C-4
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