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1030-1090MHz, TCAS,IFF SSR and Mode-S Applications
(48V, 50µs Pulse, 5% Duty Cycle)


Commercial pulsed RF applications have unique design, performance and reliability challenges relative to other high power RF applications. Several systems operate in the 1030-1090MHz band at similar pulse and duty cycle conditions including:

  • Tactical Collision Avoidance System
  • Identification Friend Foe
  • Secondary Surveillance Radar
  • Mode-Select

ASI’s portfolio of RF pulsed power transistors have been designed from the ground up to address the specific needs of high power pulsed systems. RF design engineers seeking TCAS RF transistors, IFF RF Transistors, SSR RF Transistors and Mode-S RF Transistors, will find the portfolio to be ideally suited for their unique application. The products are state-of-the-art and combine extreme ruggedness, high RF Gain and very high RF output power levels. With RF Gain up to 21dB and RF output power levels of up to 800 Watts @ 48 volts, a single VIMOS device can replace multiple competing RF Transistors, which reduces weight, size, cost and design time. The products can be operated from a supply voltage ranging from 24 volts up to 50 volts.

In addition to the discrete RF Transistors, ASI also offers 50 ohm pallet amplifier products, which are designed with a cost structure that allows OEM supplies to incorporate the pallet into their system. The P1000-1215 provides 950 watts with 15dB of gain across the band. ASI’s pallet amplifier products provide an off the shelf, fast time to market, high performance solution with the benefits of VIMOS performance & reliability, and are cost competitive.


RF design engineers seeking Long range Radar RF transistors, Long range over-the-horizon RF transistors, or weather Radar RF Transistors will find the ASI portfolio of 420-470MHz pulsed RF Power Transistors to be ideally suited for their unique application. The demanding requirements of this application require very high RF output power levels, extreme ruggedness and high RF Gain. Additionally, because of the expense of replacing devices in the field, a highly reliable RF Transistor is a necessity. With RF Gain of up to 25dB, and RF output power levels of up to 1100 Watts, a single VIMOSTM device can replace multiple competing RF Transistors, which reduces weight, size, cost and design time.

VIMOSTM has been specifically designed to address the common problems that have plagued competing products that were not up to the unique demands of UHF pulsed radar:

  • RUGGEDNESS - VIMOS devices are rated at VSWR of 20:1 and are tested to the industries most stringent VSWR
  • THERMAL – VIMOS’s unique inverted design results in superior thermal performance.
  • GOLD – Unlike some competing LDMOS devices, VIMOS utilizes gold wire bonds, not aluminum which can be susceptible to high cycle fatigue (HCF).
  • PARASITIC BIPOLAR ELEMINATION – Unlike some LDMOS based devices, VIMOS eliminates the failure mechanism
    associated with the parasitic bipolar device (created internally in the LDMOS structure) which can suddenly conduct under
    pulsed conditions resulting in catastrophic device failure.

ASI Semiconductor’s portfolio of RF Power Transistors based on VIMOSTM technology is the ideal solution for 1030-1090MHz TCAS, IFF, SSR and Mode-S pulsed applications.

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HVV1011-035 21dB Gain/35 Watts PDF    
HVV1011-300 18dB Gain/300 Watts PDF ZIP PDF
HVV1011-600 18dB Gain/750 Watts PDF ZIP PDF
P1000-1215 (Pallet) 15dB Gain/950 Watts PDF    
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