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CD Transistors

ASI supplies a comprehensive line of RF power transistors previously made by Acrian and Communication Transistor Corp. These CD transistors cover a frequency range of HF through Microwave.
CD 40175B CD 4081 CD1133 CD1608 CD1628 CD1630
CD1979 CD1985 CD2091 CD2124 CD2188 CD2315
CD2315K CD2315MP CD2397 CD2418 CD2419 CD2434
CD2664 CD2664A CD2700 CD2778 CD2810 CD2811
CD2812 CD2813 CD2884 CD2926 CD2926MP CD3075
CD3095 CD3244 CD3276 CD3353 CD3401 CD3403
CD3423 CD3510 CD3544 CD4001 CD4007B CD4011
CD4012B CD4013 CD40157B CD40161B CD4017 CD4017B
CD4019B CD4020 CD4020B CD4023A CD4024B CD40257B
CD4025A CD4025VBE CD4027B CD4029AE CD4030AE CD4040B
CD4047B CD4049B CD4051B CD4052B CD4053B CD4059B
CD4066BPC CD4069B CD4072B CD4075B CD4085B CD4096BE
CD4851 CD5402 CD54ACT74F3A CD54HCT107 CD54HCT153F CD5919
CD5919A CD6105 CD6105A CDP 1863 CDP1824  
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