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PT Transistors

ASI supplies a replacement line of PT transistors originally made by TRW and Motorola which they have now obsoleted. Theses PT transistors cover a full range of HF, VHF and UHF frequency ranges.
PT20009 PT3123E PT3129A PT3129C PT3129D PT3176C
PT3177D PT3190C PT3190D PT3503 PT3585 PT3587
PT3603 PT3642 PT4132D PT4214B PT4316D PT4330B
PT4330C PT4332D PT4370A PT4370B PT4370C PT4533
PT4544 PT4571 PT4572A PT4579 PT4599 PT5636
PT5648 PT5650 PT5701 PT5707 PT5740 PT5741
PT5773 PT6619 PT6656 PT6702 PT6707 PT6708
PT6709 PT6727 PT6748 PT8503 PT8508 PT8534
PT8538 PT8549 PT8709 PT8740 PT8785 PT8809
PT8810 PT8811 PT8851 PT8852A PT8853A PT8854
PT8854B PT8862A PT8863A PT8864A PT8873A PT8874
PT8874A PT9386 PT9668 PT9695 PT9700 PT9701
PT9701B PT9702 PT9702B PT9702MP PT9703 PT9703A
PT9703B PT9704 PT9704A PT9704B PT9704T PT9730
PT9730F PT9731 PT9731F PT9732 PT9733 PT9733F
PT9734 PT9780 PT9780MP PT9783 PT9783A PT9784
PT9784A PT9785 PT9785MP PT9787 PT9788 PT9788A
PT9790 PT9795 PT9796 PT9796MP PT9833 PT9835
PT9856 PTE10035 PTE10041 PTE10048 PTE10053 PTE10101
PTE10112 PTH32003 PTH32003/29      
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