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SD Transistors

ASI supplies a replacement line of SD transistors currently made or obsoleted by SGS/STM. Theses SD transistors cover a full range of HF, VHF, UHF avionics and microwave.
SD1005 SD1006 SD1007 SD1007-3 SD1012 SD1012-05
SD1012-13 SD1012-3 SD1012-4 SD1013 SD1013-03 SD1013-3
SD1013-7 SD1014 SD1014-06 SD1014-1 SD1015 SD1015-06
SD1015-7 SD1018 SD1018-06 SD1018-15 SD1019 SD1019-02
SD1019-11 SD1019-13 SD1019-2 SD1019-2MP SD1019-5 SD1019-6
SD1019MP SD1021 SD1022 SD1040 SD1050 SD1062
SD1065 SD1070 SD1072 SD1080-2 SD1124 SD1127
SD1127-05 SD1127-5 SD1133 SD1134 SD1134-05 SD1134-1
SD1135 SD1135-03 SD1136 SD1143 SD1143-01 SD1143-1
SD1146 SD1147 SD1169 SD1176 SD1219 SD1219-1
SD1220 SD1220-01 SD1220-1 SD1222 SD1222-5 SD1222-9
SD1224 SD1224-01 SD1224-02 SD1224-02MP SD1224-10 SD1224-13
SD1224-18 SD1224-19 SD1224-2 SD1224-24 SD1224-4 SD1224-9
SD1229-16 SD1240 SD1244 SD1244-07 SD1244-4 SD1249
SD1272 SD1272-01 SD1272-04 SD1272-2 SD1273 SD1274
SD1274-01 SD1274-1 SD1274-3 SD1275 SD1278 SD1285
SD1290 SD1330 SD1379-08 SD1398 SD1400 SD1400-02
SD1400-3 SD1405 SD1405-06 SD1406 SD1407 SD1407-11
SD1407-3 SD1407MP SD1410-03 SD1410-3 SD1412 SD1414
SD1416 SD1420 SD1420-02 SD1422 SD1425 SD1428
SD1429 SD1429-03 SD1429-06 SD1429-08H SD1429-3 SD1430-2
SD1433 SD1434 SD1437 SD1438 SD1439 SD1441
SD1444 SD1446 SD1446-01 SD1446-1 SD1448 SD1449
SD1450 SD1450MP SD1451 SD1451-10 SD1453 SD1454-02
SD1455 SD1455-03 SD1456 SD14562 SD1457 SD1457-1
SD1458 SD1458-1 SD1459 SD1460 SD1460-07 SD1460-07MP
SD1460-3 SD1460-4 SD1460MP SD1462-04 SD1463 SD1464
SD1467 SD1468 SD1470 SD1470-2 SD1475 SD1476
SD1476-1 SD1477 SD1480 SD1480MP SD1482 SD1485
SD1485-1 SD1487 SD1487-09 SD1488 SD1488-4 SD1489
SD1489-1 SD1490 SD1490-1 SD1492 SD1492-2 SD1492-2B
SD1492-B SD1495-03 SD1496 SD1512-H1 SD1513-H1 SD1520-24
SD1526-01 SD1526-08 SD1526-11 SD1530 SD1530-01 SD1530-07
SD1534-08 SD1536-03 SD1536-08 SD1536-1 SD1536-8 SD1537-2
SD1538-02 SD1538-08 SD1538-24 SD1538-8 SD1540 SD1540-11
SD1541-01 SD1542 SD1542-4 SD1542-42 SD1543-4 SD1563
SD1564 SD1574 SD1575 SD1577-02 SD1581 SD1582
SD1651 SD1726 SD1727 SD1727-05 SD1727-5 SD1728
SD1728-01 SD1728MP SD1729 SD1730 SD1730MP SD1731
SD1732 SD1733-03 SD1801 SD1801-05 SD1803 SD1805-03
SD1810 SD1814 SD1817 SD1831 SD1831-04 SD1845
SD1847 SD1851 SD1853 SD1855 SD1860 SD1874
SD1876-42 SD1891-03 SD1895-03 SD1897 SD1899 SD1900
SD1902 SD1905 SD1920 SD214DE SD3163H SD3423
SD4010 SD4011 SD4012 SD4013 SD4017 SD4027
SD4100 SD4200 SD4590 SD8250 SD8250-01  
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