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Pulsed Radar

ASI's pulsed transistors are characterized for a variety of pulse widths in specific UHF frequency bands.  All devices have internal impedance matching and are housed in hermetic packages.  The long-term reliability provided by our proven refractory-gold metallization ensures maximum system availability.
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.400 Bal Flg (A)

400 - 500 MHz, UHF Radar

Min. Watts
PG Min dB Pulse Width µS Duty Cycle % VCC Volts C
Min. %
JC Max.
AUR300 300 9.5 250 10 40.0 55 0.20 .400 2L Flg (A)
AUR500 500 9.5 250 10 40.0 50 0.15 .400 Bal Flg (A)
All transistors are configured common base, feature internal input/output matching networks, and operate Class C.
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